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GA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE TITLE 290. RULES OF DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES SUBTITLE 290-9. OFFICE OF REGULATORY SERVICES CHAPTER 290-9-7. RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR HOSPITALS 290-9-7-.28. Surgical Services. 5. Nurse Manager. A licensed registered nurse, who has been appropriately trained in the provision of surgical nursing services, shall manage the surgical suite(s) and shall be responsible for: (i) Ensuring that a sufficient number of nursing personnel are on duty in the surgical suite to meet the needs and safety of the patients; (ii) Ensuring that surgical technicians perform scrub functions only under the supervision of a licensed registered nurse who is immediately available to respond to emergencies; (iii) Delineating the duties of scrub personnel and circulating registered nurses in the surgical suite.



» Registered Nurse First Assistants (RNFAs)

Reimbursement: Georgia Code, Title 13, Chapter 24, Article 1, 33-24-59.9 (b) It is the intent of the General Assembly to: (1) Encourage the continued use of registered nurse first assistants (2) Establish policies within managed health care agencies, workers’ compensation carriers, and all private insurance companies to provide for adequate and justifiable reimbursement for the registered nurse first assistant for services rendered. AND (d) Notwithstanding any provisions in policies or contracts which might be construed to the contrary, whenever any health benefit policy which is issued, executed, or renewed in this state on or after July 1, 2001, provides that any of its benefits are payable to a surgical first assistant for services rendered, the insurer shall be required to directly reimburse any registered nurse first assistant who has rendered such services at the request of a physician and within the scope of a registered nurse first assistant’s professional license. This Code section shall not apply to a registered nurse first assistant who is employed by the requesting physician or renders such services in the capacity as an employee of the hospital where services are rendered.

Definition: Official Code of Georgia - TITLE 33. INSURANCE. CHAPTER 24. INSURANCE GENERALLY. ARTICLE 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS. 33-24-59.9. Registered nurse first assistants (c) As used in this Code section, the term: (5) "Registered nurse first assistant" means a person who: (A)(i) Is licensed as a registered professional nurse in the State of Georgia; (ii) Is certified in perioperative nursing; and (iii) Has successfully completed a registered nurse first assistant education program that meets the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, Inc.'s education standard for the registered nurse first assistant; or (B) Was holding the title of and practicing as a registered nurse first assistant as of January 1, 1993.

Scope: Statutes and Regulations do not specify scope of practice for RNFAs but a qualification is that they have completed an AORN approved educational program. They may defer to AORN for scope of practice. On GA RN Scope of Practice Decision Tree: “Professional Standards of Practice (generally found through professional and specialty organizations (ANA, GNA, etc.)”

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