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» RN Circulator Laws and Language


OKLAHOMA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE TITLE 310. OKLAHOMA STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH CHAPTER 667. HOSPITAL STANDARDS SUBCHAPTER 25. SURGICAL SERVICES 310:667-25-1. Department of surgery The department of surgery shall have effective policies and procedures regarding surgical privileges, maintenance of the operating rooms, and evaluation of the surgical patient. (4) The operating room log shall be complete and up to date and include the following information: (F) Circulating nurse. (11) Surgical technicians and licensed practical nurses may be permitted to serve as "scrub nurses" under the direct supervision of a registered nurse; they shall not be permitted to function as circulating nurses in the operating room.


OKLAHOMA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE TITLE 310. OKLAHOMA STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH CHAPTER 615. AMBULATORY SURGICAL CENTER REGULATIONS SUBCHAPTER 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS 310:615-1-1. Purpose The purpose of this Chapter is to insure the quality of medical care in ambulatory surgical centers is the same as that required in hospitals licensed by the State of Oklahoma.

» Registered Nurse First Assistants (RNFAs)

Reimbursement: None

Definition: None

Scope: Oklahoma Board of Nursing, Declaratory Ruling, Issued 5/96. The Board finds: 2. The role and scope or responsibilities of the Registered Nurse to perform the duties of the Registered Nurse First Assistant is described in the “Revised AORN Official Statement on RN First Assistants,” adopted April 2, 1998, a copy of which is attached to this ruling and made a part hereof.

Guidelines for Perioperative Practice


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