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Ambulatory Periop 101

What is Periop 101 for ambulatory surgery centers?
Ambulatory Periop 101 is a program used to train new perioperative nurses. It consists of 26 online learning modules, with two new modules added specifically for the ambulatory customer that cover pre and postoperative care of the patient in an ambulatory setting. The modules are delivered through AORN's e-learning platform. Each learning module includes required reading and suggested videos from AORN's perioperative nursing video library. Ambulatory Periop 101 is designed as a blended program to be given in conjunction with a clinical preceptorship.

Why should I offer Ambulatory Periop 101 to my staff? 

  • Ambulatory Periop 101 is written by expert perioperative nurse-authors, peer-reviewed, and always current with the latest AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice (previously titled Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices).  
  • Offering evidence-based education to nurses has been shown to reduce staff turnover by as much as 25% and to improve nurse satisfaction. Outcomes like these will elevate your facility to employer-of-choice.
  • Hospitals nationwide have used our evidence-based education program to recruit, educate, and retain new perioperative nurses since 1999.

If you already have Periop 101 at your facility, you can use any of your prepaid student seats for Ambulatory Periop 101 seats or order more seats without having to sign a new agreement. 

Periop Information Packet - details Periop 101 pricing and answers questions about starting the program at your facility.

  • PC Specs - Provide minimum system requirements for hardware and software for computers used to take this online course. 
  • Accreditation Statements

    This program is approved for 41.6 hours of AEU credit by BASC provider #0102

    AORN’s training and educational materials are protected under federal copyright and trademark law. Only registered students may use our materials.  Any unauthorized use of our materials is strictly prohibited.  Violations of these requirements or of our valuable intellectual property rights may incur substantial penalties, including statutory damages of up to $150,000 for a single willful violation of AORN's copyrights.


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