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Below are frequently asked questions about Periop 101. If you have a question that is not below please email periop101@aorn.org. You can also call customer service at (800) 755-2676. 

» After submitting a Periop 101 Order Form/Terms and Conditions and payment to AORN, what happens next?
Upon receipt of the completed Invoice/Order Form/Terms and Conditions (including signature) and payment, AORN will e-mail the contact person or Administrator listed with the information needed to start the Periop 101 Administrator Course. Purchase orders are not considered payment; AORN must receive a check or credit card payment before Periop 101 is activated and access given. AORN's order form serves as your invoice.
» What is included in the Periop 101 online course fee for our facility?

The following benefits are included with Periop 101:

  • Access to AORN's Learning Center (ALC) and Periop 101: A Core Curriculum™ online course for a term of two (2) years for the Administrator, and six (6) months for students from their online registration date. Any preceptors registered for the Preceptor Module have three (3) months to complete the module and print their certificate. Many printable handouts are included in the course modules for students and in the Preceptor Modules for preceptors.Free, automatic updating of course materials by AORN staff on a monthly basis
  • Complimentary online Administrator Course (worth 3.0 contact hours) for up to two (2) course Administrators per Periop 101 agreement to coordinate the online course didactic and book learning blended with the clinical practicum, as well as management of the ALC.
  • 40 nursing contact hours (CH based on 60-minute hours) for each RN student who passes the OR course final examination at 80% or greater, 33.6 CH for RNs who pass the OB course final exam, and 41.6 CH for RNs who pass the Ambulatory Surgery Center course final exam.
  • BONUS! The “Preparing the Preceptor” module is included at no additional charge for the first two (2) or four (4) preceptors per Periop 101 agreement (depending on number of student seats purchased) and includes 2.7 nursing contact hours. The preceptor module posttest and evaluation must be completed in order to receive contact hours.
  • BONUS! One year of automatic, free AORN member-at-large membership for registered online students. If they are already AORN members, they can extend their membership (member-at-large status) free for one year. (AORN reserves the right to terminate this offer.)
  • BONUS! Complimentary listing in AORN’s Online Perioperative Nursing Program Directory as having the rights to teach the Periop 101 online course - a great recruitment resource!
  • BONUS! Discount code good for the term of your agreement on the purchase of recommended videos in CD-ROM or DVD format for the course from AORN's partner, Cine-Med. An online video subscription option is also available and may be preferred by multiple sites.


» Are there any other fees related to using the course?

Yes. Additional fees may include the following:

  • $350 for additional course Administrator registrations beyond the first two free ones. This fee includes access to the ALC, online Administrator Course, and Periop 101: A Core Curriculum™ modules for the balance of the facility’s two-year term.
  • $89 for additional Preparing the Preceptor Module registrations after your free seats have been used. This fee gives the preceptor access to the Preceptor Module for 90 days.
  • Additional student seats may be purchased throughout the term of your agreement with fees based on the number of seats purchased at one time.
  • A $125 fee must be paid for students who need to take the final exam a third time - they get 2 free tries.
» Are there materials we need to purchase to implement the course?

Yes. There are required book reading assignments and recommended books and video titles.
Required Reading Assignments in Two (2) Textbooks
The Perioperative Textbook Package (includes one copy of each the latest edition of AORN Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices and Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery) at a discounted package price. For current pricing, visit the AORN Bookstore.
Recommended Videos
AORN also recommends 30+ video titles (available in CD-ROM and DVD formats, or as an online video library subscription) from AORN's partner, Cine-Med. These videos can be used to supplement learning and provide education for other perioperative staff members. For video content summaries and pricing, visit the Cine-Med web site. Facilities that have purchased Periop 101 teaching rights are eligible for a discount on the purchase of the video titles in CD-ROM and DVD formats for the two-year term of your agreement. Make sure you get the discount code from the AORN Periop 101 Account Manager before you order your videos.

  • The first video title is purchased at the full nondiscounted price.
  • If you buy 6-10 video titles, you get a 25% discount on the videos after the first one.
  • If you buy 11 or more video titles, you get a 50% discount on the videos after the first one.
  • For an exact price quote to make payment, please contact Cine-Med at 1-800-633-0004.
  • You also can purchase the online video library subscription for the videos. Additional logins may be purchased from Cine-Med as needed. Information about the online video library subscriptions is available online. For more information please call Cine-Med at 1-800-633-0004.
» How long does it typically take for a student to complete the course?
Student registrations are valid for 6 months, starting on the date the student initially registers online for the course. Completion times may vary due to class size, student experience, student availability, and resources. It is up to the Administrator to set up the students’ schedules so that they are done by the end of 6 months. Administrators will need to meet regularly with the students to accomplish additional important tasks, such as answer students’ questions from the textbook reading assignments and online learning modules, review the posttests, introduce facility-specific policies, complete some of the suggested group exercises together (including demos and skills labs), view the recommended videos, share experiences, bring in guest speakers, and make sure module concepts are completely understood. Of course, the student’s clinical practicum/preceptorship will need to be arranged by the Administrator and supervised by a preceptor.

Students do not have to have completed their entire clinical time in the OR before taking the final exam (they get 2 free final exam attempts). However, they should have completed a large portion of their clinical hands-on time in the OR before taking the exam so that they are able to answer the questions requiring skills in patient assessment, decision-making, and analytical, clinical reasoning. Please refer to the AORN Position Statement on Orientation of the Registered Nurse and Certified Surgical Technologist to the Perioperative Setting. 
» What if our course administrator leaves? Are administrator seats transferable?
Administrator seats are not transferable. If the course administrator leaves, your facility may identity a new Administrator and use one of the complimentary Administrator seats (if you have not already used both seats) or purchase another Administrator seat. In addition, the new Course Administrator must complete the mandatory online Administrator Course.
» Are student or preceptor registrations transferable?
No, Student, Preceptor, and Administrator registrations/seats are not transferable once the person has registered online for the course.
» When did the new Periop 101 course become available as an online course?
The Periop 101: A Core Curriculum™ online course has been available online since September 2007. All license agreements ended for the CD-ROM/paper-based Perioperative Nursing Course 101 as of August 1, 2008.

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