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Administrator Resources

Facility Administrators Responsibilities:

  • Complete the user registration sheet and send it to AORN Customer Service.
  • Notify students they have been registered for the modules.
  • Monitor your learners’ progress through the courses. View a sample schedule (DOC) to create a module schedule for students. You can use the Periop Mastery Program Report system to pull progress reports and data about how they have answered questions.
  • Answer students' questions about Periop Mastery Program.
  • Follow up with students on areas of strength and weakness that is highlighted in the progress reports.

Periop Mastery Program Instructions

  • This document explains the structure and navigation of the Periop Mastery courses.

Periop Mastery Program reports are a valuable and powerful reporting tool. These reports are excellent to share with students and management to show the progress being made. Contact AORN to learn about the reports.

New Features of the Recently Upgraded Platform

  • Review: After completing a module, learners can review the content and see how they answered
  • Refresh: Learners can take the module again to see how they do.
  • Post Test: If you want a formal assessment of learner retention after a certain period, ask learners to take the Post Test at a prescribed time. You can pull reports on how learners have retained information.

Contact hours are based on completion of the original module. There are no contact hours for completion of the Review, Refresh, or Post Test. These are designed as a learning tool for learners and administrators to review and gauge retention.

Guidelines for Perioperative Practice


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