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FAQ for Periop Mastery Program

1) Why should I offer Periop Mastery Program to my perioperative nursing staff?
2) How can I justify the expense to decision makers?
3) Why is it a good use of time for periop nurses?
4) Can new nurses enroll in Periop Mastery Program?
5) Does a facility need to purchase all the modules? 
6) How can educators use the modules?
7) How does an administrator use the reports?   


  1. Periop Mastery Program modules are based on the latest AORN Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices so students are learning the most current on clinical practice information. Mastery learning is designed to identify knowledge gaps, target education and improve competency.  
  2. Surgery is a high risk environment. An organization can minimize patient risk through increasing nursing knowledge. You cannot address knowledge gaps if you do not know they exist. 
  3. Periop Mastery Program utilizes a new technology that enables the student to learn material faster and retain the information longer. Traditionally multiple choice tests have been used to assess the learner's knowledge; however, studies show that multiple choice tests are flawed in distinguishing the student's level of knowledge. Conventional tests can't distinguish if the student was confident in the selection of the correct answer or was unsure of the information and guessed the correct answer.
    The Periop Mastery modules are designed to test the student's level of knowledge and confidence in that knowledge. The module begins by determining what learners know and levels of confidence. As the student progresses through the module, educational resources are provided to help the student understand the correct answers. Students continue through the module until achieving mastery, which means knowledge is correct and level of confidence is "sure."  CBL screen shot 


  7. An administrator can use the reports to track students' progress and also review specific questions and see how all the students are doing on that particular question. These reports can be shared with the students and also with management to demonstrate the progress and improvement of the students. Instructions on how to pull reports can be found on the administrator resource page.



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