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Facility Administrator Dashboard

The Facility Administrator Dashboard is a newly created tool to manage available online seats for specialty education courses purchased through AORN; it can also be used to invite students to participate in courses. Administrators can login to the dashboard here. Please watch the video demonstration on how to use the dashboard. If you have any questions on the dashboard please contact AORN customer service. You can order courses using the order form and also learn more about the available online courses on the AORN Specialty Education page.


The dashboard contains three boxes. Students can be assigned to courses in the top two boxes. The box on the left contains a listing of everyone who is listed under your facility name. The box on the right contains all the courses that your facility has purchased along with the number of seats for each course. It also tracks the number of seats that have been assigned and started.

You can assign courses in either of two ways:

  • checking the student name and then checking the course you wish to assign the student to, or

  • clicking and dragging the student name to the course.

Alternately, you can:

  • check the course name and then check the student you wish to assign the course to, or

  • click and drag the course name to the student.

You will notice that the number in the Purchased column will decrease as each course is assigned. Students invited to take a course have 30 days to create an account and register for the course(s).

The third box on the Dashboard is used to keep track of students you have invited to take courses but have not yet created an AORN account and logged into the AORN Learning Center. A student who has not yet logged in can be uninvited to take the course by clicking on the Uninvite red X. The seat for this course will be added back into your account.

At the bottom of the third box is a blue button labeled "Invite Student". Clicking on this button will allow you to send an email invitation to a person that is not listed on your facility account. When that student creates an account, they will then be added to your facility listing in the top left box.

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