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Whether you're looking to stay current on the latest practices or maintain a license or certification requirement, AORN is your one-stop shop for free CE. Earn contact hours online through on-demand webinar recordings, tool kits, and courses.

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Description Available CH
AORN On-Demand Webinar Recordings  25+
AORN Tool Kits  11.1
AORN Online Course  1.5
ANA Affiliate Membership  Varies
TOTAL  Over 30 Free CEs 

ANA Affiliate Membership

CH  Expires  Description 
  Varies Access ANA's Free Online Education

Tool Kits

CH  Expires  Description 
1.8 December 31, 2015 Safe Patient Handling Tool Kit
1.5 September 1, 2015 Management of Surgical Smoke Tool Kit NEW!
2.0 March 1, 2017 Fire Safety Tool Kit
1.5 July 1, 2015 Perioperative Efficiency Tool Kit
4.3 March 20, 2016 Sharps Safety Tool Kit

Webinar Recordings

CH  Expires  Description 
1.0 April 17, 2015 Injection Safety: What Every Nurse Working in an ASC Needs to Know
1.0 May 10, 2015 How to Avoid Death-by-PowerPoint
1.0 June 11, 2015 RP for Safe Environment of Care, Part II includes Traffic
1.0 June 27, 2015 Recommended Practices for Sharps Safety
1.0 July 11, 2015 So, You’re Thinking of Returning to School!
1.0 July 23, 2015 3 Techniques for Great Lean Leaders
1.0 July 30, 2015 RP for Preoperative Patient Skin Antisepsis
1.0 August 14, 2015 Perioperative Efficiency
1.0 August 20, 2015 Recommended Practices for Specimen Management
1.0 September 11, 2015 Surgical Attire - What You Wear Does Matter!
1.0 September 17, 2015 Recruitment, Retention & Recognition = Satisfaction
1.0 September 18, 2015 RP for Cleaning and Care of Surgical Instruments
1.0 September 19, 2015 Taking the Fear Factor Out of Competency Development
1.0 October 23, 2015 Guidance on Surgical Fire Prevention
1.0 November 12, 2015 Guideline for Autologous Tissue Management
1.0 December 5, 2015 Recommended Practices for Sterile Technique
1.0 December 13, 2015 Medication Safety: How Do You Measure Up?

Accreditation Statements 


When the content is appropriate for Ambulatory Surgery Center Administrators, programs may be approved for AEU credit by BASC Provider #0102. 


AORN’s training and educational materials are protected under federal copyright and trademark law. Only registered students may use our materials. Any unauthorized use of our materials is strictly prohibited. Violations of these requirements or of our valuable intellectual property rights may incur substantial penalties, including statutory damages of up to $150,000 for a single willful violation of AORN's copyrights. 

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