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17  First Look: New Guidelines 
10  How Does Your Compensation Compare? 
03  Affordable Care Act - What's Next? 


26  Make 2015 the Year of You 
19  First Look: Surgical Attire 
12  Happy Perioperative Nurse Week! 
05  New York Preps for Certification Mandates 


29  Begin Your CORE Journey 
22  Will Midterm Elections Impact You? 
15  Preparing Your OR for Ebola 
08  California Surgical Tech Bill Vetoed 
01  Fire Safety 


24  Promote Patient and Worker Safety 
17  How Can a Leak be Determined in a Flexible Endoscope When Using a Leak Test System Requiring Water? 
10  What Are the Two Cycles Used for IUSS? 
03  How Should Items For Reprocessing Be Categorized? 


27  Why should refrigerated medications be stored in a segregated area with restricted access? 
20  When should explanted orthopedic hardware be submitted to the pathologist for examination? 
13  When can hair be clipped inside the OR? 
06  For a TB patient, where should the disposable bacterial filter be placed? 


30  When a laser is in use, how should exposed tissues be protected? 
23  Are loose scrub tops okay to wear? 
16  Who should facilitate the count process? 
09  Is daily monitoring of humidity levels a requirement? 
02  Does wearing gloves replace hand hygiene? 


25  What four elements of a gas cylinder should be checked before use? 
18  How often should reusable cleaning materials be changed? 
11  Where should scrubbed team members don sterile attire? 
04  What are the three steps for the prevention of wrong site surgery? 


28  When should counts of soft goods be performed? 
21  Is it necessary to wear a long-sleeved jacket when performing perioperative patient skin antisepsis? 
14  What is the recommended relative humidity range on a restricted area? 
07  When should hair at the surgical site be removed? 


30  Which patient skin antiseptic products are flammable? 
23  Can an unsterile solution be used for a sterile procedure? 
16  Where should the chemical indicators be placed in instrument sets for sterilization? 
09  When are blunt suture needles contraindicated? 


26  Why use a chemical indicator with each package sterilized by the hospital? 
19  Are used smoke evacuator filters and tubing infectious waste? 
12  Is it routine to use a pneumatic tourniquet for all extremity procedures? 
05  How long can a hospital-sterilized item be kept on the shelf? 


26  Can spray be used to apply cleaning chemicals? 
19  True or False? Test your knowledge of wrapping materials 
12  Can alcohol be used to disinfect large environmental surfaces? 
05  When should a pneumatic tourniquet cuff be selected for the patient? 


29  When should damp dusting of the OR be completed? 
22  Are all packaging systems suitable for all methods of sterilization? 
15  What are the four major ways to reduce needlestick injuries in the periop setting? 
08  What should be considered when assessing a patient for tourniquet use? 

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