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Perioperative Excellence Program

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Why is AORN relevant to your facility? 

The Perioperative Excellence Program is a membership solution for healthcare facilities and institutions to help meet the education and professional development needs of all your new and experienced perioperative nursing staff. It addresses common education challenges facing many ORs today by providing the needed tools to build a culture of safety, elevate the standard of care, and improve patient outcomes. By participating in the Perioperative Excellence Program:

Your staff has access to member benefits, and your facility will:  

  • Implement a standardized education curriculum founded on evidence-based practices, raising staff competency levels and meeting Magnet™ requirements*
  • Improve your on-boarding process, giving staff members the confidence to administer the highest level of care
  • Provide educational resources that support practice excellence and optimal outcomes, building a strong, cohesive nursing team
  • Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing education support, that attracts and retains quality staff, and helps develop new nursing leaders

Your facility receives tools that support staff training and RP implementation: 

  • Free eSubscription to the Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices with online access for program members
  • A copy of both Perioperative Job Descriptions and Competency Evaluation Tools CD and Policy and Procedure Templates, 3rd Edition CD
  • Periop Mastery Program module - Retained Surgical Item
  • Discounts on AORN Surgical Conference & Expo registrations
  • 5% discounts on Periop 101 purchases, AORN Career Center job postings, and additional Periop Mastery Program modules

The Perioperative Excellence Program offers three membership options:  

  • Large Hospital Facility/Institution (minimum of 20 staff memberships)
  • Community Hospital Facility/Institution (minimum of 6 staff memberships)
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers  

Please contact Jackie Endress (800-755-2676 Ext. 248) for more information.

* Magnet™ is a trademark of the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

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