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Recommended Practices News

Public Comment:

The AORN Recommended Practices for Cleaning and Care of Surgical Instruments and Powered Equipment is open for public comment from July 24 through August 24, 2014.

These recommended practices provide guidance for cleaning, including point of use cleaning, selecting cleaning chemicals, and determining water quality for surgical instruments. Guidance is also provided for decontaminating, transporting, inspecting and care of surgical instruments. Information is included for processing laryngoscope blades and handles, ophthalmic instruments, and taking special precautions necessary to minimize the risk of transmission of prion diseases from contaminated instruments. The use of personal protective equipment that must be worn during cleaning and care of instruments is also addressed.

Learn how to offer your public comments through the Recommended Practice Public Commenting Guide (PDF).

New/Revised Recommended Practices:

Four recommended practices have been created or revised for 2014. They are now available through our online facility subscription and are published in the 2014 Standards and Recommended Practices print edition.

  • Recommended Practices for Sharps Safety

  • Recommended Practices for Care of Patients Undergoing Pneumatic Tourniquet-assisted Procedures

  • Recommended Practices for Environmental Cleaning

  • Recommended Practices for Selection and Use of Packaging Systems for Sterilization

These recommended practices have been evidence-rated using the AORN Evidence Rating Model.

AORN's Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices is an essential resource for both patient and worker safety where invasive procedures are performed. This new edition features:

  • Four new evidence-rated recommended practices

  • A new evidence rating model tailored for the scope of perioperative practice

  • Seven ambulatory supplements to recommended practices - customized content for ASCs

  • An easy-to-navigate layout with colored tabs, updated diagrams, and modernized tables to help you find the information you need faster

These new recommended practices are available in a variety of options to fit your needs – Book, Online facility subscription, CD, and as single chapters.

Below you will find related resources to help you implement each of the new recommended practices:

Sharps Safety

Care of Patients Undergoing Pneumatic Tourniquet-assisted Procedures

Environmental Cleaning

Selection and Use of Packaging Systems for Sterilization


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