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The procedures for AORN's national elections are outlined in the national bylaws.

National elections are held at the annual Congress. Qualified candidates are presented for seven Board of Directors positions and five Executive Committee positions, including President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and five Nominating and Leadership Development Committee positions. The board has the power, authority, and responsibility to manage the affairs of the Association (except to modify actions of the House of Delegates). Elected individuals play a critical role in shaping the future of AORN as they are the leaders who guide AORN in fulfilling its critical mission.

The annual election process:

  • The Officers, Board of Directors, and the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee shall be elected by ballot of the members in good standing, with voting rights as defined in Article III, and plurality elects. In case of a tie, choice is by lot.

  • Any member holding an elective office may not be a candidate for another office unless the current term of the member expires at the impending annual election.

  • Nominations by petition for all elected positions may be made immediately after the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee presents its slate of candidates, but no later than 45 days prior to the commencement of voting. The candidate's name will be placed on the ballot after eligibility has been verified. Nominations by Petition to the 2014-2015 AORN National ballot will be accepted through December 26, 2014.

Candidates are selected as follows: 

  • Five Nominating and Leadership Development Committee members are elected by the delegates - three in even numbered years and two in uneven years, and a chair is elected by the members of the committee.

  • The Nominating and Leadership Development Committee identifies qualified candidates for open positions and advises candidates of the demands of the office they seek.

  • The Nominating & Leadership Development Committee prepares and presents the annual slate of candidates.

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