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Tool Kits

Tool Kits address critical patient safety issues and help perioperative professionals implement evidence-based practices.

With each tool kit, you will get a wealth of resources including customizable policies and procedures, education slideshows, videos, posters, guides, and references.

Correct Site Surgery

Implement best practices to promote correct site surgery and access surgical checklists from the World Health Organization and AORN.

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Cultural Awareness

Perioperative RNs should consider and be respectful of each patient’s value system, lifestyle, ethnicity, and culture when planning care in the perioperative setting.

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Emergency Preparedness

Raise perioperative team members’ awareness of emergency/disaster situations and help to prepare them for an emergency/disaster event through the use of these proactive tools.

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Environmental Cleaning

Educate team members about the recommended practices to clean the perioperative environment.

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Fire Safety

Raise awareness of surgical fires and plan fire prevention and response strategies.

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Human Factors in Health Care

Develop and implement a human factors program in the perioperative environment.

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Just Culture

Implement a just culture that fosters reporting and analysis of medical errors, leading to patient safety.

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Management of Surgical Smoke

Learn about the hazards of surgical smoke and implement surgical smoke evacuation practices.

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Medication Safety

Keep current with perioperative medication safety.

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Patient Hand Off

Standardize hand-off communication among caregivers.

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Perioperative Efficiency

Optimize perioperative patient flow, operational efficiency, starting surgeries on time, and improve room turnover with an emphasis on quality and patient safety.

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Prevention of Perioperative Hypothermia (PPH)

Learn to prevent perioperative hypothermia in the OR.

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Safe Patient Handling

Learn the correct and safe way to move patients and equipment in the OR.

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Sharps Safety

Reduce the risk of sharps injuries in the OR with policies, procedures.

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Workplace Safety

Learn how to create and maintain a safe perioperative work environment

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Tool Kits from Other Organizations

AORN would like to thank these organizations for developing these tool kits and making them available to our perioperative colleagues. 

Ambulatory Surgery Center: AAAHC Institute Patient Safety

AAAHC Institute Tool Kits include: Ambulatory Surgery and Surgical/Procedural Checklists; Obstructive Sleep Apnea; Fall Prevention; Prevention of DVT/VTE 

Go to aaahc.org 

Ambulatory Surgery Center: Hand Hygiene Toolkit

Provides resources to supplement your current processes to improve hand hygiene practices.

Go to ascquality.org 

ASHRM’s Workplace Violence Toolkit

Perioperative leaders can access these resources to proactively prepare for, prevent, and respond to violence in the workplace.

Civility Tool-kit: Resources to Empower Healthcare Leaders to Identify, Intervene, and Prevent Workplace Bullying©

Supported by RWJF Executive Nurse Fellows Program, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and administered by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Nursing.

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