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Whether you're preparing for recertification, renewing your license, or just want to stay current, the AORN Journal Continuing Education (CE) articles address a variety of perioperative topics. From Guidelines implementation to perioperative safe practices, stay up-to-date and improve your own practice every day.

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December 2015 Issue

Special Report: A Perspective on the Year in Surgical Site Infection Prevention

This five article special report reviews the important trends, practices and issues related to the prevention of surgical site infections across three key areas: patient behavior and preparation, the OR environment and sterilization & disinfection processing, as well as well as a look ahead to the SSI issues and activities anticipated in 2016.

AORN Journal, December 2015

Featured Article

Guideline Implementation: Radiation Safety

The updated AORN “Guideline for radiation safety” provides guidance on preventing injury from ionizing radiation exposure during therapeutic, diagnostic, and interventional procedures. This article focuses on key points of the guideline to help perioperative personnel practice radiation safety. The key points address the requirements for an organization’s radiation safety program, measures used to keep radiation exposure as low as reasonable achievable, proper handling and testing of radiation protection devices, and considerations for protecting employees and patients who are pregnant and who will be exposed to radiation.

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Featured Article

Ghost Surgery: A Frank Look at the Issue and How to Address It

This article is about ghost surgery, which occurs when a physician assistant, surgical assistant, RN first assistant, resident, or another surgeon assists on or performs an operative or other invasive procedure without the patient’s knowledge, regardless of whether the surgeon who obtained the consent was scrubbed in or not. This article addresses the very important patient and ethical issue involved and suggests ways for nurses to address this practice when working with peers and patients, based on ANA guidelines.

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Clinical Issues

This month’s Q&A column addresses the following topics: pediatric complementary care, cleaning personal eyewear, education requirements for APRN first assistants, degree requirements for RNFA programs, and wearing an arm cast in the perioperative setting.

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