Career Coaching Services

The AORN Career Center is now partnering with Dr. Quinlan and offering private career coaching sessions.
Dr. Phyllis Quinlan

Phyllis Quinlan

RN-Bc, PhD, and Career Coach
MFW Consultants.

During Dr. Quinlan’s 30 year nursing career, she practiced in a variety of emergency services, acute care, subacute care and long term care settings. In 1994, she formed MFW Consultants To Professionals. The firm offers a variety of services, which include but are not limited to, Legal Nurse Consulting, clinical and leadership training, personal/career coaching and energetic/vibrational healing.

What is Personal/Career Coaching

Coaching supports and guides you in your desire to explore where you are now, determine where you want to be within a given time frame, and then create a pathway to get there with the understanding that you are being supported in a nonjudgmental manner. The benefits of coaching are all predicated on how willing you are to work hard to attain the career and life you envision. The rewards can include:

  • Feeling more comfortable in your own skin
  • Increasing focus, confidence & self-esteem
  • Increasing effectiveness and productivity
  • Working through perceived obstacles and limitations Enjoying a greater sense of balance, harmony & contentment

Learn more about Phyllis and career coaching at MFW Consultants.

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"Good knowledge and excellent session. Great coaching techniques given to me and my colleagues."

"Awesome learning session."

"What did I gain from career coaching? Inspiration, perspective and courage to move forward in my OR career."

"Great insight and information. Dr. Quinlan was amazing! A treasure!!!"

"Dr. Quinlan is fabulous – loved the updates for today’s job search and self-marketing."