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Promising Professional Achievement Award

Applicant must be new to perioperative nursing in the past five years. The applicant must excel in adaptation/orientation to the perioperative environment.

Activities demonstrating this might include, but are not limited to:

  • Getting involved in committees to change or improve practice
  • Complete a special project that demonstrates a clear and vested interest in perioperative nursing
  • Has achieved certification

Before You Begin the Online Application:

  1. Review online application information and tips.
  2. Review following required elements for this award category:
    • Candidate Statement 1 - In 250 words or less, describe what you consider your most outstanding contributions to perioperative nursing and/or AORN.
    • Candidate Statement 2 - In 250 words or less, describe how your contributions will have a lasting impact on the future of perioperative nursing and/or AORN.
    • Nominee's CV/Resume - you will upload in the online application
    • Nominator Statement - for nominated applications (upload in the online application)
    • Sponsor Statement - for self-nominated applications (upload in the online application)
Deadline: Application submission deadline is November 23, 2016.