AORN Syntegrity Perioperative Nursing Data Set

The Perioperative Nursing Data Set (PNDS) is a consistent method for classifying and documenting perioperative patient care across the surgical continuum to monitor and benchmark patient outcomes and operating room efficiency.

This data set is a structured nursing language that represents the delivery of evidence-based perioperative nursing care. The PNDS is founded upon AORN’s perioperative standards and recommended practices and is integral to an evidence-based cycle by providing the data for evidence-based patient care. The PNDS is the only perioperative-specific nursing language recognized by the American Nurses Association (ANA) and represents the perioperative nursing plan of care.

The Perioperative Nursing Data Set within the AORN Syntegrity® solution consists of:

  • The latest version of the language
  • Positive outcome statements that reflect patient responses to perioperative nursing care
  • Nursing diagnoses focused on risk identification and prevention within the perioperative environment
  • Nursing interventions (assessment, implementation, evaluation) to help the patient achieve a desired outcome

Why should an organization consider the Perioperative Nursing Data Set?

  • The Perioperative Nursing Data Set enables organizations to…
  • Provide the same terms to clinicians to describe perioperative patient care, improving communication across the care team
  • Represent perioperative nursing interventions performed via the standardized documentation and measure patient outcomes as a result of those interventions
  • Describe the professional skills and knowledge required to address patient concerns in the perioperative setting (safety, physiological responses, behavioral responses and health system factors)
  • Create competencies built upon the PNDS language and utilize documentation audits to augment practice-related competency validation

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