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Periop 101: A Core Curriculum for PAs, Residents, and Medical Students

AORN has created a specialized Periop 101 course for other surgical team members. The curriculum is designed to enable those in the positions listed below to observe and participate safely during invasive procedures. 

Who should take the course?

  • physician assistants (PAs) 
  • residents 
  • medical students 
  • interns 
  • advanced practice nurses 
  • other allied health professionals new to the perioperative area  

 The course includes the following modules: 
  • Hemostasis, Sponges, and Drains 
  • Perioperative Safety - Introduction 
  • Perioperative Safety - Equipment Focus 
  • Perioperative Safety - Patient Focus 
  • Scrubbing, Gowning, and Gloving  
  • Sterile Technique 
  • Surgical Instruments   
  • The Perioperative Environment

Preview the Course

Preview the Sterile Technique Module for PAs/Residents/Medical Students to get a closer look at this specialized Periop 101 course.


For additional information or to purchase, please contact AORN Sales.