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Prep for CNOR

This course will prepare the perioperative registered nurse to sit for the CNOR exam by strengthening his or her knowledge of perioperative nursing. This course serves as a review of the current Guidelines for Perioperative Practice (previously titled Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices) and will help reinforce fundamental concepts of perioperative nursing.

With a 94% pass rate, we are confident we can help you prepare for and pass the exam, or you'll get your money back, guaranteed. 


Upon completion of this course, the perioperative nurse will be able to:

  • Identify the governing body administering the CNOR credential.
  • Apply test taking strategies for the CNOR examination.
  • Discuss key components of the nursing process related to perioperative nursing.
  • Identify critical thinking skills necessary to effectively practice perioperative nursing.
  • Identify safety measures to maintain a sterile field throughout the perioperative stay.
  • Identify nursing interventions to ensure a safe environment for the perioperative patient.
  • Identify strategies to assist the perioperative patient during the administration of anesthesia.
  • Recognize perioperative patient complications associated with acute or chronic conditions.
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of a perioperative patient's changing condition.
  • Describe the role of the perioperative RN in emergent or crisis situations in the perioperative period.
  • Identify components of effective hand-off communication.
  • Identify the perioperative RN's role as patient advocate.
  • Examine perioperative concerns for special populations of perioperative patients
  • Discuss unique perioperative care for minimally invasive and ambulatory procedures.
  • Discuss the perioperative RN's role in patient and family education.

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Prep for CNOR Course Requirements

Registrants must pass the practice exam at the end of the course with a score of at least 90 percent and compl...

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Contact Hours

The 49 contact hours for this course will expire May 1, 2017.


This program is approved for 49 hours of AEU credit by BASC provider #0102. 

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