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Tool Kits

Tool kits promote patient safety and address critical issues surrounding proper implementation of AORN's Guidelines for Perioperative Practice (previously titled Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices). Tool kits provide OR managers with sample policies and procedures for educating staff. Member surveys list tool kits as one of the most popular benefits of AORN membership.

For the Industry Partner:

Benefits for support for AORN tool kits includes:

  • Recognition on tool kit packaging/ website

  • Logo on any posters produced and included in the tool kit as part of initiative

  • Recognition and thanks on all marketing promoting the tool kit, which may include:


AORN's tool kits may include:

  • AORN guidance and position statements

  • Contact hours (with completion of the appropriate forms)

  • Posters, reference cards, fliers

  • Training, video presentations

  • Testimonials, case studies, scenarios

  • Sample policies, procedures, tools

  • Additional references and resources


Tool kits are custom-designed to meet distinct member needs. Pricing for tool kit development support can vary, and must be submitted via an education grant. For more information, contact AORN at sales@aorn.org or call (800) 755-2676, Ext. 280 to speak with a strategic account manager.

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