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Nursing Leadership Resources

Frustrated womanAs a nurse, your education and training have been primarily focused on mastering clinical skills. Now that you are in a management position do you find that there are new skills that you need to develop? Do you understand the financial concepts that are critical to your manager position? Are you comfortable in your ability to develop, implement and manage your department’s budget? Are you prepared to address the changes in healthcare financing as a result of the ACA? 

AORN has resources that can help you develop these critical skills. Three new online modules as part of our Nursing Leadership Resources include:

Statistics (1.1 CH) $35
This module has been especially designed for perioperative nurse managers to provide them with a working knowledge of some statistical tools that can be used as business management resources in the perioperative environment. You will learn how to articulate the value of using statistical approaches to managing your OR as a business. You will also use perioperative examples to construct common statistical reporting tools and gain experience in interpreting these reports. And finally, you will have the opportunity to follow a step by step example of the application of the statistical analysis process using a relevant perioperative scenario. 
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Financial Statements (1.9 CH) $35
This module will teach you the language of finance. It provides an overview of financial statements so that you can describe the types of statistical data used to support budget development and identify ways to use statistical data to improve day-to-day operational efficiency. You will also learn about the types of statistical reports you can use to evaluate purchasing decisions and support program development and maintenance.
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Budgeting (1.6 CH) $35
This module introduces you to capital and operational budgeting and provides you with the concepts, procedures and analytical skills you need to make sound financial decisions in today’s complex business environment. You will learn to refocus on your patient care units as viable businesses and improve your ability to react to coming financial changes. And perhaps most importantly, you will know what actions you, as the manager, can take to improve budget performance while continuing to provide safe patient care.
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Sound like something you could use? Listen to a 30 minute webinar presented by Martha Stratton MSN, MHSA, RN,CNOR, NEA that provides an overview of these three modules. 

Contact Hours 

Participants receive Contact Hours after completion of the course and evaluation. Contact hours for this course will expire June 15, 2015.

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