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Periop Mastery Program

Reduce patient risk by increasing nursing knowledge

The Periop Mastery Program, based on AORN Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices, is a collection of online learning modules designed to test a nurse's knowledge level, identify knowledge gaps, and help nurses gain confidence and mastery in perioperative practice.

To help the learner overcome knowledge gaps, the Periop Mastery Program provides educational resources for each module until mastery is achieved. The program utilizes the latest scientific advancements in understanding how the human brain acquires, retains and recalls information at critical times. 

Want a preview?

Request a two-week preview of Periop Mastery Program so you can see how it works. You can also call Terry Avitable, MSN, RN, CNOR, 800-755-2676, Ext. 211 for more information or to set up a personalized demonstration. 

Periop Mastery Program Modules can be used in the following ways:

Annual Reviews

Facility required annual training for high-risk and high or low-volume patient care issues such as moderate sedation/analgesia, patient positioning, malignant hyperthermia, and radiation safety.

Site Reviews from Accreditation and Regulatory Agencies

Provide current validation of continuing education and training requested by federal and state regulatory agencies and accreditation agencies such as the Joint Commission.

On boarding/Travelers/Experienced Staff

Assess the knowledge of recently hired RNs, travelers, RNs transferring from one area of care to another, and even high experienced RNs.

Competency Validation

Combine with the facility’s skills days/competency reviews to enhance understanding.


Include in an action plan for nurses to update knowledge of a specific practice or who are unable to demonstrate competency in a specific area.

General Education

Continuing education for RNs for license renewals and certification.

Sample Question:

CBL screen shot 

Periop Mastery Program Reports

Participant progress can be tracked with a variety of reports that administrators can access at any time and share with students and educators. These reports track individual student progress and can also provide information on how students responded to specific questions potentially identifying knowledge gaps. This enables administrators to focus education in a specific area to improve competencies.

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