Posters & Proposals

Education session proposals and poster abstracts may be submitted for review with the potential to earn credit hours.

Poster Display Rules

If you are displaying a poster at Surgical Conference & Expo 2016, please adhere to the following rules.

  • Poster dimensions may not be larger than 6’ wide by 3’ tall.
  • Display boards are cloth covered tack boards that are 7.5’ wide by 3.5’ tall. A 22” wide by 4” tall title sign will be placed at the top of the board and may not be moved or removed
  • Complete displays must fit within the allotted area; no additional space will be provided.
  • You may display handouts and business cards but you will need to reduce the length of the poster to accommodate them. They must be attached to the board in the allotted space.
  • Lettering, charts, graphs, drawings, and/or photographs must be of quality form.
  • Poster text should be readable from a four to six foot distance (font should be approximately 72 points +/-)
  • The name(s), credential(s), and facility(ies) of all authors must be listed on the poster.
  • A facility logo may be placed on the poster but may not exceed 2” x 4”.
  • Absolutely no commercial support may be shown on the poster. Product photos may be used only if the manufacturer name cannot be seen in the photo. Using company names/specific products in the poster text is also prohibited.

NOTE: Non-compliance with these rules will result in the poster being removed from display without warning!

Poster Abstracts

Poster abstracts for the Surgical Conference & Expo 2016 in Anaheim, California, are no longer being accepted. The deadline for poster abstract submissions for AORN Surgical Conference & Expo 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts, is September 30, 2016.

Posters are an important part of the annual conference as they represent ideas in a graphical format, are interactive, offer attendees contact hours, and facilitate productive discussion between poster authors and interested attendees. Posters share the actions and ideas that are successful in your facility with perioperative nurses around the world.

If you are interested in displaying a poster at the annual conference, please submit a poster abstract. AORN members and non-members may submit a poster abstract using the online system. Non-members can select either “Join Now” or “Proceed as Guest” after selecting “Begin the Application Process.”

If you have any questions or concerns regarding poster abstracts or would like to share suggestions for improvement, please contact Beth Gabrysiak.

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Education Session Proposals

Sessions held at different events have varying requirements and vary in length. Most concurrent education sessions are 60-minutes in length. You may submit for one or more conferences and/or categories, but if you have a submission for a 60-minute session and a similar proposal for a full-day session, we suggest you submit them separately.

  • We will consider two-part presentations when noted as such.
  • Pre-Conference Certificate Programs are a full day (= 7.5 CH to 8.0 CH).
  • Proposals submitted for presentation may also be submitted to AORN as Poster displays and manuscripts.
  • A standard audio/visual equipment package will be supplied for each presentation. Additional AV requests may not be granted.
  • All films/videos to be included in a presentation must be reviewed early in the process to allow time for edits. Films/videos that do not follow ANCC Guidelines and AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice may not be shown.
  • Conference presentations may be professionally recorded and become available for sale as audio over PowerPoint products.

The deadline for education session proposal submission for AORN Surgical Conference & Expo 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts, is May 27, 2016.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Education Session Proposals or would like to share suggestions for improvement, please contact Susan Love.

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