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Poster Guidelines


Submission Requirements

The following information is required in each online submission: 

  • Contact person: One contact person is designated for each submission, is the only link between AORN and all authors, and is responsible for sharing all information with everyone involved on the poster.
  • Poster title: Poster titles should be simple yet informative and should not exceed 60 characters.
  • Statement of Understanding: The contact person must agree to the statements in this area.
  • Authors: All authors must be noted during the submission process and must submit a narrative biography that shows expertise in the abstract subject matter, provide a conflict of interest (COI) disclosure, and complete a section on  education. Additional authors may not be added after the abstract is submitted. Only authors designated during the abstract submission process may have their names included on the poster.
  • Abstract: Provide a detailed narrative description of the poster while keeping it short and simple-- the recommended length is a maximum of 200 words. Submit text only; abstracts with graphs, tables, photos, etc. may not be reviewed.
  • Tracks: The selected track(s) should correlate to the topic of the abstract.

(If you already have a complete poster that you have displayed elsewhere, you must still submit an abstract to be reviewed for acceptance.)

Poster Criteria by Type

Please address the following in your poster abstract based on poster type.

Clinical Improvement/Innovation Poster

  • Clinical issue, Performance Improvement, Quality Initiative, Patient Centric Care
  • Description of team
  • Preparation and planning
  • Assessment
  • Implementation
  • Outcome
  • Implications for perioperative nursing

Research Poster

  • Purpose of project: Include research aim and question/hypothesis
  • Methodology: Include conceptual model, research design, and a sample
  • Results: Include results and limitations
  • Perioperative nursing implications: Include how this study affects perioperative nursing.

Evidence-Based Practice Poster

  • Purpose of project: Include the clinical question 
  • Methodology: Include the method you used to answer the clinical question 
  • Results: Include synthesis of the findings, decision about practice, implementation, and evaluation
  • Perioperative nursing implications: Include how this project affects perioperative nursing.


Evaluation process

Clinical Improvement/Innovation: All clinical improvement/innovation poster abstract submissions are reviewed by the Surgical Conference Education Advisory Task Force.

Research/Evidence-Based Practice: The AORN Nursing Research Committee reviews the submissions and identifies posters to be accepted in the Research and Evidence-Based Practice categories. 

The key contact will be notified on acceptance via email by the end of the year. 


AORN is contracting with EventScribeTM to create a virtual poster gallery of Surgical Conference and Expo Posters!

We heard your concerns regarding the requirement to have your poster hung by noon on Saturday in order to have your poster reviewed and potentially selected for the outstanding Clinical Improvement/Innovation poster or Research/Evidence-Practice Award. 

Clinical Improvement/Innovation: In order to provide more poster authors the opportunity to have their poster reviewed, you will be able to upload your poster to the virtual poster site several weeks prior to the annual meeting. The Surgical Conference and Expo Task Force will review each poster prior to arriving at the annual meeting and identify the winners. Winners will receive a laminated ribbon added to their poster that may be exchanged for an actual ribbon in the Speaker Prep Room. The selected winners will have their pictures taken during a time identified in the poster acceptance letter.

Research/Evidence-Based Practice: These posters will be judged virtually by members of the AORN Nursing Research Committee using the same methodology identified above.

New This Year! 

The posters will be availabe for Surgical Conference and Expo registrants to review and evaluate for 30 days after the close of the annual meeting. Registrants will be able to earn contact hours by reviewing the posters and completing the evaluation during this period.


Any and all expenses associated with the poster display (including conference registration and travel) are the responsibility of the poster author(s). AORN does not reimburse any expenses or financially support poster authors. For information about grants to Congress, go to the AORN Foundation website.

  • Absolutely no commercial support may be shown on the poster. Product photos may be used only if the manufacturer name cannot be seen in the photo or if the product is the only one on the market. Using company names or specific products in the poster text is also prohibited.
  • All content must accurately reflect the latest AORN Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices, current edition.
  • AORN assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen posters.
  • AORN will not print or copy materials for you onsite.


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