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OR Innovation Suite

If you could start from scratch, how would an optimal OR look, feel, and function? Take a virtual tour of the OR Innovation Suite, presented by Getinge, for an up-close look at cutting-edge products and technologies that are becoming the standard of care.

Hybrid OR 

Tour Part 1: Designing and Planning

Planning a new building, modernization, or expansion? Getinge has vast experience in handling large-scale hospital projects. Getinge Healthcare Planning and Design Group utilizes advanced OR3D software to simulate the actual configuration of a single or multiple OR and Hybrid OR room environments. The program accurately represents the exact placement of Getinge’s surgical tables, lights, booms, and accessories, in addition to a wide array of products from third-party vendors.

Tour Part 1 

Tour Part 2: Hybrid OR Showcase

Getinge Hybrid OR Solutions offer a single surgical workspace that combines imagining equipment with a multifunctional table— allowing clinicians to diagnose and treat in a single location, reduce risk, and avoid delays. A Hybrid OR is a major financial investment, but also an investment in better quality of care, patient safety, and staff satisfaction.

The core of the Getinge Hybrid OR is the Maquet Magnus Operating Table System. The Maquet Magnus Surgical Table System is designed to accommodate a wide range of surgical disciplines and procedures to keep Hybrid ORs fully scheduled and profitable. Seamlessly integrated with leading imaging systems from GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers and Canon Medical Systems. Its range of interchangeable carbon-fiber tops accommodate imaging access up to 84.6 inches in length. Even in time-critical situations, Maquet Magnus gives you the freedom you need to make the best possible decisions for your patients.

  • Superior positioning flexibility
  • Optimized workflows
  • Designed for integration


Tour Part 2 Table

Patient-Centered Transfer System

PILOT Patient Transfer System

PILOT, Getinge’s patient-centered transfer system, eliminates the barriers to using intraoperative whole-body angio, CT, and MR imaging at any point during the procedure. The patient can be transferred seamlessly throughout the entire hospital and between imaging modalities without repositioning.


Dockable MR table

Siemens Healthineers’ Combi Dockable Table enables safe patient transfer from the surgical table to the MRI modality. With embedded body coils and the use of additional flex coils, you can perform whole-body intraoperative MRI at any point during therapy.


Maquet Transmobil TT-M


No matter whether your patient is in the ICU or has just arrived via helicopter, the height-adjustable Maquet Transmobil TT-M enables you to transport the patient to the OR and back. Because the patient transporter supports the PILOT Transfer Board, you can simply slide the patient onto the Maquet Magnus or Combi Dockable Table once you arrive in the OR – no repositioning or lifting is necessary.


Precise Surgical Lights

PowerLED II Surgical Lights provides surgeons with what they value most–predictable, clear, and comfortable illumination for precise tissue visualization that inspires confidence to perform at their best. The lights are designed to eliminate glare, reduce eye fatigue, improve color rendition, enhance shadow control, prevent uneven illumination and eliminate the need for constant adjustments.


Effortless Positioning and movements

Tour Part 2 Ceiling Supply

Designed to be extortionary simple, Moduevo Ceiling Supply Unit supports effortless positioning and movements; easy-to-implement customization; plus, future-proof flexibility that easily adapts to complex new procedures and therapies conducted with next-generation equipment. Best-in-class load capacity, arm reach, safety and distributor maneuverability facilitate provider-patient interactions–especially wherever space is at a premium.


Modular Rooms

Tour Part 2 Modular Rooms 

Prefabricated stainless steel wall and ceiling elements are designed to eliminate the time-and labor-intensive installation of sheetrock and the high cost of long-term maintenance and repairs. Getinge’s Variop Modular Room Solutions achieve the ultimate in interior flexibility, strength, superior hygiene, and infection prevention for all types of perioperative environments.



Maquet Image 

In Hybrid Operating Rooms, advanced imaging plays a major role by enabling surgeons to see inside the human body in greater detail and higher resolution. For minimally invasive surgery, it provides accurate guidance and navigation throughout the intervention, increasing precision, better hand-eye coordination, while speeding up the procedure. The range of Maquet Moduevo Screen Holders responds to this trend by offering flexible configurations. Compatible with large format screens up to 6" and multiple screens up to 32", they can display any full-HD or 4K information such as X-rays and endoscopic pictures, vital signs and patient files.


Tour Part 3: Integrated Workflow Solutions

Ensure a safer, integrated, and better utilized facility, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on delivering the best possible care for patients.

Easy Scheduling for Busy Operating Rooms

Torin Intelligent OR Management optimizes OR scheduling with simplified planning to increase utilization and runtime. Easy identification of hospital resources, from staff to rooms to equipment, promotes efficient OR operation and quick scheduling of planned and last-minute cases. Updated case information supports communication to patients and their caregivers. Torin helps to ensure that ORs run according to schedule and maintain optimization rates.


Full Integration at Your Fingertips

Tour Part 3 

Tegris OR Integration System improves ergonomics in daily surgery department routines. With one tool, you can interlink video routing, recording, and transmissions for complete management of the information and equipment in your Hybrid OR. A scalable, upgradeable solution that facilitates total connectivity inside and outside of the OR. Tegris provides unmatched centralized user management of key equipment and room functions and information systems. Furthermore, it provides seamless access to T-DOC instrument tracking software to improve surgical workflows. A 4K-ready and vendor-neutral solution for any operating room. REQUEST MORE INFO


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