Expo Daily News | April 7, 2016

New President's Expo Wrap Up

It was another incredible Surgical Conference & Expo. The high energy and spirit of the conference, along with the quality education, will inspire all of us when we return home with new ideas for practice.

As you return home, readying to return to your facilities, it’s a good idea to create an action plan to implement what you’ve learned. Don’t delay because you risk losing all the inspiration and energy that was gained making connections with nurses from around the world and learning from the experts in our field. Now is the time to identify, in advance, who you need on your team to implement your new ideas. You are going to turn heads and you’re going to be successful.

You can also maximize your networking by organizing the business cards you collected into “now” and “later” piles. Most importantly, think ahead. What can you bring to your facility that improves patient care and outcomes? Who on your team would benefit from your summary of a particular session? While you’re showing off what you learned, you’re demonstrating to your colleagues and administrators that everyone benefits when you’ve attended the AORN Surgical Conference & Expo.

One last tip. Mark your calendar for the International Surgical Conference & Expo in Boston, April 1-5, 2017. It is our first trip to that beautiful New England city and I am excited to see you there.

Martha Stratton, MSN, MHSA, RN, CNOR, NEA-BC

President Martha Stratton

Second House of Delegates

Linda Groah at Secondh House of Delegates

Callie Craig and Nathalie Walker

Second House of Delegates

AORN President Renae Battié kicked off the second House of Delegates on Wednesday afternoon with a final, heartfelt officer’s report highlighting the organization’s accomplishments in the past year, including the newly available installment payment program for membership dues, a new monthly newsletter for AORN’s 17,000 ambulatory members, AORN’s growing Center for Nursing Leadership, and inclusion of an additional five AORN Guidelines in the National Guidelines Clearinghouse, bringing the total to 16. AORN continues to improve perioperative practice and patient outcomes by expanding its presence and influence both in the United States and abroad. In 2015 AORN was cited, quoted and interviewed for news publications more than 2,000 times.

Next, Linda Groah presented the Executive Director’s report, highlighting the newly available myAORNguidelines tool to audit compliance with 13 of the AORN Guidelines. AORN also secured resources to support a three year campaign to eliminate surgical smoke in operating rooms across the county. The new AORN “Go Clear” Award will give members the tools and resources needed to clear ORs of surgical smoke. Groah also announced that in 2016, AORN will collaborate with VitalSmarts to update the Silence Kills study with a goal of addressing a second category of communication breakdowns known as “undiscussables” – risks that are widely known but not discussed.

Larry Asplin, Treasurer of the AORN Foundation, reported that members donated more than $200,000 to the AORN Foundation during this Expo. Over $1.4 million from AORN’s industry partners funded education for perioperative nurses, and over $450,000 has been awarded by the Foundation in scholarships.

Government Affairs Manager Danielle Glover reported on AORN government affairs accomplishments in the past year. Glover highlighted members’ advocacy efforts in writing a record number of letters to legislators and their community to educate about Perioperative Nurse Week and Time Out Day. South Dakota became the 24th state to have a strong RN circulator regulations, and New York became the 17th state to require reimbursement for RNFAs.

Amy Hader, director of Legal and Government Affairs reported that since the last annual Congress, AORN has held two successful Town Hall and special business meetings, during which two new AORN position statements were approved by AORN members.

AORN member Kristy Wheeler then made a motion that a Bylaws Committee submit an amendment to the AORN bylaws that would require the CNOR credential as a qualification for eligibility for each elected office in AORN, and to present this proposed amendment at the 2017 Congress. After Wheeler spoke in favor of the motion, certification requirements were clarified at the microphones, and past president Victoria Steelman commended Wheeler for presenting the motion. The members adopted the motion by a large majority.

President Battié then announced the election results before presentation of the closing ceremony.

Boston Expo 2017 - The Power of You Preview

Expo 2016 - A Week in Review

2nd Annual Periop Challenge Lives Up to its Name

The 2nd annual Periop Challenge kicked off in the Arena yesterday at 11am. There were 28 questions, four teams, three rounds, and a lot fun had. The Periop Challenge is way to focus on clinical practice issues, learn about evidence-based practice and have fun at the same time. As host, Paula Graling stated, “It is very important to get the message out about evidence-based practice because by using the best available evidence, high quality care is delivered and the sacred cows are eliminated.”

Prior to yesterday’s game, the entire arena was divided into four different teams – Blue, Green, Red, and Orange. Teams were then identified by the color of the lanyard attached to their ARS keypad/voting devices. One of the special features of the Periop Challenge is that contestants not only got points for correct answers but they also got more points the faster they responded For each question they had ten seconds to respond.

After playing two rousing rounds and answering question like, “What is the primary means to protect health care personnel from occupational exposure to airborne contaminants generated by electrosurgery?” and “An oxygen-enriched environment is defined as when the oxygen concentration is greater than what percentage by volume?” the teams chose two team members to represent them on stage for the final round. Team Green was represented by Kathy Bowersox-Miess and Stephen Born, Team Red selected Tracy Dorgan and Mimi Dizon, Team Blue’s representatives were Laura Licea and Marian Lucas McCann, and Team Orange chose Thomas Dent and Ruthii Osuwu to represent them on stage.

The final question was, “Malignant hyperthermia is a low occurrence high risk event. The antidote for malignant hyperthermia is dantrolene sodium. What preparations of dantrolene sodium are FDA approved for use to treat malignant hyperthermia (MH) in the United States?

A. 20 mg per vial and 200 mg per vial
B. 20 mg per vial and 250 mg per vial
C. 25 mg per vial and 200 mg per vial
D. 25 mg per vial and 250 mg per vial

It was an extremely tough question as it stumped all teams. The correct answer was: B: 20 mg per vial and 250 mg per vial. Revonto and Dantrium (trade names) are both supplied in 20 mg per vial. Ryanodex (trade name) is supplied in 250 mg per vial. It’s important to know which preparation of dantrolene sodium is available for use at your health care organization. In the end, based on the number of points wagered, Team Blue came out ahead and won this year’s Periop Challenge. We look forward to seeing everyone in Boston at the next Periop Challenge.

Perioperative Challenge

Periop Challenge

AORN International Surgical Conference & Expo 2017 Hotel Winners

We’re excited to see you next year at the AORN International Surgical Conference & Expo 2017 in Boston. Below are the winners of a five night stay at an official Expo hotel during next year’s conference. The winners were announced at yesterday’s closing ceremony. Congratulations!

Dorothy Serralles
Louann Huffman
Kasey Cole
Karen Schrader
Lorraine Brown

Closing Ceremony

The 63rd Annual AORN Surgical Conference & Expo came to an emotional and inspirational end yesterday afternoon in the Arena. President Renae Battie started off by stating, “I hope each of you has had the same shared experience I encountered this week. It was a chance for us all to reconnect, recharge, and revitalize our commitment to this amazing culture and association.” She then recognized all the certified nurse in the audience by having them stand to be acknowledged for advancing perioperative nursing through certification.

President Battie went on share that AORN, with the support of attendees, supports a local charity as a way to give back to the annual conference host city. This year, $5,000 was donated to HomeAid Orange County. Next up was the AORN Staff Award given by the Board of Directors to a department at AORN. This year the award went the Syntegrity Team – Janice Kelly, Denise Downing, Kari Ballou, and Luke Jobman, all perioperative nurse informatics specialists. President Battie then shared how the conference would not have happened without the support and dedication of the over 450 volunteers on hand, and specifically recognized, Donna Label, Volunteer Coordinator for her heroic efforts in making the event such a success. Thanks were also given to host, Russell Hackney as well as to the behind the scenes team, including MultiView; Freeman; Marshall Robinson & Associates; CMAC; The Anaheim Convention Center, and Wyndham Jade.

AORN CEO/Executive Director then joined President Battie on stage to give her thanks as well as a parting gift, “Renae, you have been steadfast and determined as President of AORN, under your leadership the Board of Directors made many significant decisions that will position the association well into the future. On behalf of the AORN staff please accept this gift as a memory of your year as President of AORN.” From there, President Battie introduced the 2016/2017 Nominating and Leadership Development Committee members and the 2016/2017 Board of Directors. Before officially turning the reins over to President-Elect Stratton, President Battie introduced the newly elected Secretary, Holly S. Ervine, MSN, RN, CNOR, newly elected Vice- President, Missi F. Merlino, MBA, RN, CNOR and newly elected President, Nathalie F. Walker, MBA, RN, CNOR.

The ceremony wrapped up when President Battie introduced President- Elect Stratton to the crowd as the 2016/2017 AORN President. President Stratton responded by saying, “Please give another hand to Renae Battie who has done such an outstanding job representing AORN this past year. I will truly miss you Renae.” She concluded by giving thanks and sharing her theme for the coming year, “I am so very grateful for the encouragement all of you have given me. My theme "The Power of You" is a reflection of the potential every single perioperative nurse has to advance their practice, their profession, and our organization.”

For more detailed information on the recent election results please visit www.aorn.org/electionresults.

Outgoing and Incoming Presidents

Posters: Attendee Choice Awards


#21 - Checking Out Checklists: A Mixed Methods Study Comparing the Use of Surgical Safety Checklists in Rural and Urban Operating Rooms by Vanessa Lyons, MSN, RN, CNOR, Perioperative Staff Development & Technology Coordinator, Murray-Calloway County Hospital, Murray, KY

Evidence-Based Practice

#40 - Use of Vacuum-Assisted Collection Device for Clean Preoperative Depilation by Russell K. Griggs, MS, Principal Investigator; Sperry Robinson, Sub-Investigator; Hugo Xi, Director, Evidence; Charles E. Edmiston, Jr., Emeritus Professor of Surgery; and David Leaper, MD, ChM, DSc, FRCS, Professor of Clinical Sciences, Bioscience Laboratories, Bozeman, MT

Clinical Improvement/Innovation

#198 - Crisis Averted! Using Simulation Based Training to Implement Crisis Checklists During a Cardiac Arrest in the OR by Darleen Dagey, MSN, RN, CNOR, Clinical Nurse Educator Specialist, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Sterling, VA

2016 AORN Staff Award

Congratulations to The Syntegrity Team - Janice Kelly, Director Syntegrity Line of Business, Denise Downing, Kari Ballou, Luke Jobman – all perioperative nurse informatics specialists for receiving the 2016 AORN Staff Award. The team created a standardized surgical procedure list of over 2,000 procedures that is cross referenced to ICD 9 & 10, CPT 4, PCS and SNOMED. It supports scheduling pre authorization of procedures and clinical documentation for reimbursement. It is currently being used in over 400 hospitals.

The Syntegrity Team