Supporting Lifelong Learning

Who most influenced you to reach for your educational achievements?

Many people have influenced me. When I was a surgical technologist, the nurses in the operating room encouraged me and told me that I could actually work and go back to school at the same time. I went back again to get my master’s degree because I felt that there was so much to learn, and that attitude developed because I was working with master’s-prepared nurses who encouraged me. I returned to school again for my PhD because the faculty at the University of Iowa were so encouraging, telling me that I needed to know more in order to achieve my goals and make an impact.


What is your hope for the future for your scholarship recipient this year?

I would like the recipient to take these classes and learn all that she can, to really use the knowledge gained to continuously improve perioperative care and patient outcomes.


Thank you to all of our 2015-2016 Scholarship supporters!


(Pictured Victoria M. Steelman, PhD, RN, CNOR, FAAN, former AORN President)

Why is it important to you to fund a named scholarship with the AORN Foundation?

I want to see all perioperative nurses remain on a track of life-long learning. This is especially important because new knowledge is being developed continuously. We cannot be complacent and do things the way that we have in the past. We need to continuously challenge the status quo and strive to do even better. That is critical if we want to provide high quality, cost-effective care and remain indispensable.

Victoria M. Steelman