Who We Help

Publish Date: 4/27/2015

To promote patient safety, the AORN Foundation provides academic scholarships, professional development grants, and training tools and seminars for nurses. Each year, the Foundation helps hundreds of deserving nurses to achieve their professional goals. Nurses who receive scholarships and grants can be from anywhere in the county and pursuing any level of education from associate degree to doctorate.

The Foundation awarded 166 grants in 2015 for nurses to attend the AORN Surgical Conference & Expo in Denver. Katy Franklin, BSN, RN, CNOR, a staff nurse in the cardiac operating room at Boston Children's Hospital, received a Professional Development Grant through Stryker to attend the Surgical Conference & Expo. For the past two years, Stryker has made a significant investment in perioperative nurses by partnering with the AORN Foundation to support nurse education.

Katy recently shared her gratitude with us in a letter, stating, “I am genuinely appreciative and deeply honored. Your generous grant will allow me to attend the AORN Surgical Conference & Expo and facilitate my current research.

As this is the first AORN Conference I will be attending, I am excited for many reasons. First, there is an incredible amount of new information presented at the conference. I frequently resource previously published AORN Conference information. Second, attending the conference in person will enable me to evaluate new surgical concepts and best practices in preparation for implementing them into my daily practice. Finally, I am excited for the opportunity to network with other operating room nurses and investigate new surgical products.

This surgical conference is providing a means for me to share my research. I am fortunate to have been chosen to present a poster at this year’s conference. I am currently studying social media’s influence on healthcare information. As a perioperative nurse, I frequently encounter patients resourcing social media for surgical advice. With little nursing literature describing the phenomenon, I have started exploring the effect of social media on healthcare related decisions. I will be presenting an exploratory quality improvement study at this year’s AORN Conference.”

Katy’s passion and commitment to the perioperative profession exemplify the mission of the AORN Foundation to support the nurses who make surgery safe. We know the impact our scholarships create for each recipient is incredible and long lasting.

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