25 Years of Support

Publish Date: November 15, 2016

A Long-Time Industry Donor Speaks to Dedication and Partnership

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary year, we sat down with Shannon Carter, the CEO of the Competency & Credentialing Institute (CCI), a 25-year donor to the AORN Foundation. Shannon offered insight into the long-term commitment CCI has made to support the Foundation’s mission.

CCI has supported the AORN Foundation for the past 25 years, including establishing the first endowed scholarship in 1992, adding to that original endowment throughout the past 25 years, and expanding their support with annual scholarships, professional development grants, and research funding. Obviously CCI has been a strong supporter of the Foundation, why does CCI continue this support?

Change is constant and rapid in nearly all areas of business today – with CCI included. That said, the CCI Boards of Directors have never wavered from our allegiance to the core values of lifelong learning and certification.

Interest in certification continues to grow, and we want to remove the financial obstacles to achieving that goal where we can. That’s why we sponsor grants for nurses seeking the CNOR and CSSM credentials, and for hospitals to offer CNOR test preparation in their facilities. We also recognize that learning must take place before and after certification – which is why we support academic scholarships for nurses furthering their education.

Our commitment to research demonstrates our value to building the body of evidence, supporting the value of certification to the nursing work environment, and improving patient outcomes. We are proud of the work we have done to continue to build and tell that important story alongside the AORN Foundation.

What do you find most valuable about CCI’s partnership with the AORN Foundation?

The AORN Foundation has always been deliberate in their attempts to understand CCI’s needs, and aligned our giving opportunities with those needs. That’s what true partners do. They look for ways to address the needs of our shared community. The AORN Foundation has always understood that our missions have many shared values, particularly those related to education and research. Our annual gifts are almost always to those areas, in the form of scholarships and research grants.

The CCI Spring Matching Campaign is a great example of how we have worked together with the AORN Foundation to inspire giving by and in honor of certified nurses. This is an opportunity to recognize the importance of certified nurses at the AORN Global Surgical Conference and Expo – the largest gathering of our community every year.

What do you think the AORN Foundation has to offer members and other industry partners and are there additional things you feel the Foundation could or should support?

There are always opportunities to increase gifts and expand the number of grants and scholarships awarded to the community. That’s important, and those efforts should continue. But the Foundation also has a unique opportunity to convene important conversations among organizations that share the values of lifelong learning and education. Bringing constituents from different positions and areas of expertise is something the Foundation is great at, and it will be interesting to see how these conversations and projects will continue to evolve.

Without partnerships from committed donors like CCI, the AORN Foundation would not be able to continue its mission to support the nurses who make surgery safe. For that, we thank you.