AORN of San Antonio Turns Symposium Success into Endowed Scholarship

Publish Date: April 12, 2017

In January, AORN of San Antonio successfully executed its 2nd Annual Symposium, bringing substantial financial support to a chapter risen from the ashes. Like many, this chapter has experienced the typical ebb and flow of participation and funding. Then, member David Taylor came up with a great idea.

The plan was to mimic AORN’s annual conference on a smaller, local scale – complete with an exhibit hall, contact hours, and keynote speakers. In January 2016, the chapter hosted its first large-scale event, investing money and countless hours of volunteer time in planning and logistics. The first symposium brought in an impressive $60,000. With these funds, the chapter refreshed its previously diminished chapter scholarship fund, gave a generous donation to the AORN Foundation, and was able to help chapter delegates attend AORN’s annual conference.

In 2017, this tremendous event brought in almost $100,000, with 240 nurses in attendance and 54 vendors on the floor. After discussion with the chapter’s Board, the chapter decided to use $25,000 of this money to fund an Endowed Scholarship through the AORN Foundation. Longtime supporters of the Foundation’s annual Chapter Appeal and Silent Auction, AORN of San Antonio will now have a scholarship set up in the chapter’s name to help nurses pursue their educational dreams. The chapter plans to continue these symposiums and grow this endowment to make a bigger impact on the students they will support.

David Taylor’s advice to other chapters that want to have a greater influence? If you feel passionate about an idea, push forward and be willing take risks. Get your fellow members involved and invested to build a strong support system that can help make your fundraisers successful. David’s passion for this event and his ability to sell his idea led to one of the most successful chapter fundraisers in AORN’s history. Your chapter is capable of doing the same.