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Massachusetts Surgical Technologist Certification Bill Awaiting Action

Publish Date: August 13, 2012

A Massachusetts surgical technologist certification bill is waiting to be acted on in the House of Representatives before the Massachusetts legislature adjourns on January 1, 2013. House Bill 4298 passed the Senate in November of 2011 and was recently amended in the House. If passed, HB 4298 would prohibit surgical facilities from employing or retaining a person to perform surgical technology tasks or functions unless that person:

  1. Has completed an accredited educational program for surgical technologists and holds and maintains certification as a surgical technologist;
  2. Was employed as a surgical technologist in a surgical facility on or before July 1, 2012;
  3. Has completed a training program for surgical technology in the US military or in the US Public Health Service; or
  4. Is performing surgical technology tasks or functions in the service of the federal government.

Surgical technologists who complete an accredited educational program would have 12 months from their graduation date to obtain certification. This bill would not prohibit a registered nurse, licensed or registered health care provider or other health care practitioner from performing surgical technology functions if they are acting within the scope of their license. AORN will keep members posted on the status of this bill.

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