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North Carolina Hospital Celebrates Central Sterile Week

Publish Date: November 16, 2012

Randolph Hospital in Asheboro, North Carolina celebrated Central Sterile Week (October 14-20, 2012) in a big way this year. The week began when the central sterile staff decorated the lounge and prepared a hot dog lunch for operating room staff. The hospital also highlighted Central Sterile Week in its newsletter:

Central Sterile Processing Week is designated to recognize staff members within the department, as well as to promote the central service and sterile processing profession within the healthcare industry and raise awareness of the essential part these professionals play.These ladies play an essential role in the surgical department at Randolph Hospital.We are proud to recognize our employees for all they contribute for the greater good!

On Tuesday, the central sterile staff created a game for the OR staff to play. They took 15 items used in the OR and tied them in a bag made from the instrument wrappers. Each person had two minutes to feel each of the items and write down as many as possible in that time.

The OR staff brought snacks for the Central Sterile Staff on Wednesday and the central sterile staff created several word search games with hidden instrument set names. To make it trickier, a list of the words to find was not included.

On Thursday, the central sterile staff provided homemade cakes. A third game was played where an item was placed in a box and wrapped with surgical wrapping. The OR staff had to read a poem about the item and guess what it was.

The central sterile staff gave out prizes to the winners of all the games that were played during the week on Friday. They were also presented with "Pamper You" baskets from the OR staff. A basket was purchased for each central sterile staff member and each of the OR staff members brought in an item for each basket including chocolate, candles, and flowers.

Karen Lemmons, BSN, RN, CNOR, a nurse from Randolph Hospital said the central staff was “so surprised and felt very appreciated and cared for. It was great!”

Recognizing the contributions of all members of the surgical team is important not only to improve staff morale, but also because collaboration improves surgical outcomes.

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