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North Carolina Nurses Association Endorses RN Circulator Bill

Publish Date: April 23, 2013

The North Carolina Nurses Association (NCNA) has officially endorsed RN Circulator Bill, Senate Bill 371: Patient Safety in Operating Rooms. According to a letter from NCNA CEO Tina Gordon, MPA, CAE, “NCNA believes that the guaranteed presence of the perioperative registered nurse circulator during each surgical procedure is essential to patient safety and that RNs are the best prepared to perform this role.”

Senate Bill 371 was introduced in March and would require at least one circulating nurse to be physically present in each operating room for the duration of each surgical procedure in all North Carolina hospitals and ambulatory surgical facilities.

The NCNA’s endorsement aligns with the March, 2012 official endorsement by the American Nurses Association (ANA) of AORN’s Position Statement One Perioperative Registered Nurse Circulator Dedicated to Every Patient Undergoing A Surgical or Other Invasive Procedure. As AORN works to advance RN circulator legislation in the states, it is significant for legislators to know that nursing stands together on the importance of the RN’s role in protecting patient safety throughout the duration of each surgical procedure.

North Carolina AORN members are continuing to work hard to ensure this important piece of legislation is signed into law. AORN government affairs will continue to update AORN members on the process of the bill.

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