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Florida Updates ASC Rules

Publish Date: July 22, 2014

In fall of 2013, the Florida Health Facility and Agency Licensing, a division of the Agency for Health Care Administration, issued preliminary proposed rule changes impacting ambulatory surgical centers. The purpose of the rule amendments is to add and reorder definitions, update language for clarity, correct rule and statutory references, clarify who can administer anesthesia, and update references in the Building Code. The Proposed Rule was issued for review in April and again in July.

As it relates to perioperative nursing, the proposed rule change adds a definition of operating room: “a room designated and equipped for performing surgical operations that requires a restricted environment.” The current Florida Administrative Code 59A-5.0085 (3)(c) requires that there to be a registered professional nurse as the operating room circulator. In the Proposed Rule that section will be changed to read: “A registered professional nurse shall be assigned as the circulating nurse for one patient at a time for the duration of the surgical procedure for any procedure performed in the center.” AORN’s Position Statement on RN Circulators emphasizes the need for one perioperative Registered Nurse Circulator for every patient, in every O.R., for the duration of the procedure.

AORN maintains that every surgical patient deserves a perioperative registered nurse for the duration of any operative or other invasive procedure and actively promotes and monitors laws and regulations to ensure the supervisory presence of the professional RN in the perioperative setting. For more information on the RN Circulator as a legislative priority, visit RN Circulator or email Danielle Glover, AORN Government Affairs Associate.