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Idaho Vacates Continued Competency Requirement

Publish Date: December 8, 2014

In August, the Idaho Board of Nursing issued a proposed rule requiring registered and licensed practical nurses seeking to renew their licenses to demonstrate continued competence. This proposed rule was modeled after the Board’s APRN requirements. The draft proposed rules required that licensees show two competencies including, but not limited to, current specialty certification by a national certifying organization recognized by the Board, 200 hours of active practice as a nurse, or thirty hours of participation in professional activities such as research, published materials, teaching, peer reviewing, service on nursing or health care related boards, organizations, associations, and committees.

AORN submitted comments in September to the Idaho Board of Nursing requesting that CNOR and CRNFA certification be recognized for purposes of meeting the continued competency requirements. Numerous written and oral comments were also submitted on the proposed rule from other organizations and Idaho nurses. In the November Idaho Administrative Bulletin, it was announced that the Idaho Board of Nursing vacated its rulemaking to allow for further discussion and amendments before ultimately promulgating these rule changes.

AORN will continue to monitor this regulatory change and communicate AORN’s expectation that both CNOR and CRNFA certification be recognized by the Idaho Board of Nursing for purposes of meeting its continued competency requirements as needed.