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Mississippi Moves to Add RN to Board of Medicine

Publish Date: February 4, 2014

In a move showing the importance of including nursing leadership in key regulatory roles, Mississippi Representative Doug McLeod introduced House bill 1284 which would add a registered nurse practitioner to the Mississippi Board of Medicine in an ex officio non-voting capacity. The Mississippi Board of Medicine otherwise consists of nine voting physicians.

In 2013, the Mississippi Nurses Association was successful in passing legislation that eliminated joint oversight of nurse practitioners by the Board of Medicine and the Board of Nursing so that nurse practitioners are now regulated solely by the Board of Nursing in their state. Nurse practitioners in Mississippi provide crucial primary care services across the state, particularly in rural underserved areas. The 2013 move placing nurse practitioners solely under the purview of the Board of Nursing streamlined the regulatory process for nurse practitioners and allows for increased access to primary care providers in Mississippi.

House bill 1284 is in awaiting action in the Public Health and Human Services committee in the Mississippi House of Representatives. Mississippi nurses interested in the bill should contact Representative McLeod and the house committee to show their support.

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