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AORN Provides Comments to VA Board of Nursing

Publish Date: May 26, 2015

Recently, the Virginia Board of Nursing sought comments on a Guidance Document, Role of the Registered Nurse in Procedural Sedation. Several factors contributed to the Board appointing a committee to develop this guidance, including frequent inquiries seeking Board direction related to procedural sedation, requested recent review of Guidance Document #90-5 (Administration of Neuromuscular Blocking Agents for Conscious Sedation), and the fact that the Board is currently in the process of examining its guidance documents for necessary revisions.

AORN submitted comments to the Virginia Board of Nursing on this topic and provided a copy of AORN’s Guideline for Managing the Patient Receiving Moderate Sedation/Analgesia for background. In the comments, AORN addressed both RN administration of non-propofol agents and propofol for moderate sedation. The comments also noted that the draft Guidance Document did not clearly communicate a Board of Nursing recommendation as to whether RNs not trained in administering general anesthesia may administer propofol outside of the ICU and, therefore, may lead to confusion as to the RN’s scope in this area.

When providing comments to state Boards of Nursing, AORN Government Affairs works closely with State Legislative Coordinators and members. In fact, many times it is members who reach out to AORN after receiving communications from their Board of Nursing about a proposed change. If your state’s Board of Nursing is making changes to policy documents impacting perioperative nursing, please do not hesitate to reach out AORN Government Affairs.