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Tennessee Issues Rules for RNFA Certificate

Publish Date: July 8, 2015

In May 2014, Tennessee passed legislation, SB1768/HB1656, clarifying who may practice as a registered nurse first assistant. The legislation authorized the Board of Nursing to issue a Registered Nurse First Assistant certificate to RNFAs who hold an RN license, are certified in perioperative nursing (CNOR), and who have completed an RNFA education program meeting AORN standards. Individuals without an RNFA certificate are prohibited from using the RNFA title.

Over the past year, the Tennessee Board of Nursing held rulemaking hearings and, effective June 22, 2015, published the new rule for the Registered Nurse First Assistant Certificate, 1000-01-.20. This new rule describes who can apply for the certificate and use the title of Registered Nurse First Assistant.

Consistent with the 2014 law, under the Board of Nursing rules, only those who hold a RFNA certificate from the Board of Nursing may hold themselves out as an RNFA. In addition to the requirement that applicants hold an RN license, CNOR certification, and successfully complete an RNFA education program that meets the education standards of AORN, applicants must pay the fee for the certificate, which the Board of Nursing recently set at $100.

The Tennessee Board of Nursing rules do not require RNFAs to hold the CRNFA credential offered by the Competency & Credentialing Institute.

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