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RN Circulator Legislation Heard in Committee

Publish Date: February 15, 2017

Last week AORN Legal and Government Affairs Manager, Danielle Glover, and AORN member, Christina McCaffrey, testified in front of the Vermont Senate Health and Welfare Committee in support of Senate bill 31, which would require an RN as Circulator for every operating room in hospitals. The Committee held the bill for further study. Senate bill 31 is sponsored by Senator Virginia Lyons, Vice Chair, Senate Health and Welfare Committee. There is a companion bill in the House, House bill 126, which is sponsored by Rep. Kathleen Keenan.

The committee is considering the legislation carefully, and it is important for Vermont nurses to contact members of the committee to urge their support. Danielle Glover, AORN Government Affairs Manager, will work one-on-one with Vermont members who are able to contact the Senate Committee.

AORN maintains that every surgical patient deserves a perioperative registered nurse for the duration of any operative or other invasive procedure and actively promotes laws and regulations to ensure the supervisory presence of the professional RN in the perioperative setting. Over 30 states address the role of RN Circulators in operating rooms. AORN and Vermont perioperative nurses started working with stakeholders and legislators last fall to ensure patient safety is paramount in operating rooms. ANA Vermont is supportive of the RN Circulator legislation.

AORN Government Affairs will continue to advocate for these bills and provide updates on their progression. If you are interested in helping with this bill or want to learn how to become involved in legislative efforts in your state, please contact Danielle Glover at [email protected].