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Surgical Smoke Evacuation Legislation Advances Across the Country

Publish Date: April 28, 2021

Surgical smoke evacuation legislation continues to make its way through state legislatures across the country. Surgical smoke evacuation bills have been introduced in nine states this year, and Kentucky’s governor signed their bill into law on March 22, 2021. At least half of the states with pending bills have a strong possibility of enactment these sessions.

In Iowa, HF 783 passed a House subcommittee, committee, the whole House and a Senate subcommittee with overwhelming and bipartisan support. The bill then stalled in the Senate Human Resources committee right before the April 2 deadline to advance, but there is still an opportunity to amend HF 783 onto another bill before the end of the session on April 30 and for Iowa to become the fourth state to go surgical smoke-free.

On April 13, the Oregon House Committee on Health Care passed HB 2622 unanimously, and the House of Representatives passed the bill on April 27. The bill awaits committee assignment in the Senate.

On April 15, Ohio Senator Andrew Brenner introduced SB 161, a bill to require Ohio hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to have and implement policies to evacuate surgical smoke. SB 161 was referred to the Senate Health Committee on April 21 where it awaits a hearing.

Illinois Senator Julie Morrison has introduced surgical smoke evacuation legislation again this year. SB 1908 has already passed out of the Illinois Senate and is under consideration in the Illinois House.

In Texas, HB 4118 and SB 429 have been introduced and referred to committee. The TX House Public Health Committee may hear testimony on HB 4118 as early as April 28.

You can see all the state surgical smoke evacuation bills AORN is tracking online. If you would like more information on how to make your state the next one to go surgical smoke-free, contact Jennifer Pennock, Senior Manager of Government Affairs.