This Is Your Last Issue of Periop Insider!

Publish Date: March 21, 2018


Periop Today, the new comprehensive newsletter for all AORN members.

On April 11, AORN will launch Periop Today, a bi-monthly newsletter that will consolidate Periop Insider, OR Exec, and Ambulatory Insider into a single source for perioperative practice news and information for all surgical settings and perioperative nursing roles.

Periop Today will give you a simpler layout that is mobile-friendly. Here is what you can look forward to in each issue:

  • Feature articles with news of practice changes and guidance that is evidence-based
  • The Periop Life with stories from the front lines, and Inside AORN with updates on our work on members’ behalf
  • In and Around the OR with industry insights into new and helpful resources for the perioperative setting
  • Spotlight on ASC-specific happenings
  • Leadership topics and advocacy occurring around perioperative issues