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2018 Congress Update

AORN House of Delegates declines proposal to require CNOR for AORN elected leadership positions.

During the 2018 AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo recently held in New Orleans, Louisiana, the presiding president Nathalie Walker led the House of Delegates through discussion and voting on a proposed amendment to the AORN bylaws that would have required a CNOR for all elected board of directors and nominating committee positions. After engaged discussion at the microphones, most in opposition to the change based on inclusivity goals, the members voted in opposition to the proposed change and the bylaws remain unchanged.

In addition to the inclusivity concerns raised during the House of Delegates debate, members at the first Forum had raised questions about how a CNOR requirement for elected leadership might affect retired members, how it might affect AORN’s international relationships, whether it is prudent for AORN to disqualify a percentage of AORN’s membership from eligibility for leadership positions, and whether CNOR’s clinical focus also reflects the leadership skills desired for elected leadership positions.

Two-thirds approval is required for all amendments to the AORN bylaws. At this time, there are no proposed amendments to the bylaws under consideration by a bylaws committee. Any member proposals for bylaws amendments should be directed to AORN headquarters.