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President’s Address: 

Looking Ahead with President-Elect David Wyatt

David Wyatt

In early April, David Wyatt, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, CNOR, began his AORN presidency. This new leadership role for the association follows years of service to AORN, including as a member of the board of directors from 2008–2012. In 2015, he received the AORN Award for Excellence in Perioperative Nursing. In his professional life Wyatt has served in various leadership positions and he is currently the Chief Nursing Officer of the University hospitals at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Wyatt has already initiated an ambitious set of goals for his AORN presidency by organizing committees and task forces to set forth his agenda to advance perioperative nursing practice and strengthen the association during his term. He recently shared his goals with AORN Expo Daily News.

One important goal for Wyatt is to explore new tactics and methods AORN can use to engage new members, young and old, to increase membership and expand the reach of AORN’s practice community.

“This work will require us to think differently about how we have historically connected with members and how we can expand our bandwidth to look beyond our typical channels of communication.” One example of AORN extending its reach to a new community of perioperative nurses is through the association’s acquisition of Outpatient Surgery magazine, he said.

Here are several other goals Wyatt will pursue during his presidency:

  • Develop a task force to engage a deeper understanding of the role nurses with DNP degrees can play in enhancing and supporting practice in the perioperative environment.
  • Task the National Research Committee to drive a more robust research agenda and create a strategic plan to enhance the quantity and rigor of nursing research in the perioperative practice setting.
  • Enhance AORN collaborations with other associations on a number of issues. For example, his task force on workplace civility will include representatives from ASPAN (American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses).

“I want AORN to have a strong stance and statement on workplace civility through inter- and intra-professional avenues,” Wyatt said. “With 2020 being the Year of the Nurse, it’s important to take a look at longstanding issues that continue to impact nursing.”