Endow a Gift

Endowments provide a perpetual income stream that enables the Foundation to support certain programs each year.

Endowed scholarships

Contributions to an endowed scholarship fund become investments whose earned income serves as a source on which AORN Foundation can draw. A portion of the invested income is given to the scholarship recipient and the remainder is reinvested in the original principal. An endowed scholarship can be established with a minimum gift of $25,000.

Maxine Darling

Maxine Darling Endowed Scholarship

The AORN Foundation is honored to announce the establishment of the Maxine Darling Endowed Scholarship. Helen Maxine Darling, MS, RN of Loma Linda, CA has been an AORN member for 35 years in the Inland Empire Chapter of Southern California.

This endowment was funded through contributions made in honor Darling’s 50 year nursing career. The endowment will provide financial support to students in perpetuity to ensure future generations of nurses are able reach their educational goals.
To make a donation to this endowment in honor of Maxine Darling, please designate “Maxine Darling Endowment.” 

For more information to establish a Named or Endowed scholarship, contact the AORN Foundation at (303) 755-6300 or email foundation@aorn.org.

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