Outstanding Nurse Philanthropist Award

2021 Outstanding Nurse Philanthropist Award Winner

“The epitome of a giver,” was used to describe Jane Flowers, the 2021 Philanthropist winner. Jane not only gives her time and talent to her community but is a strong supporter of and consistent contributor to the AORN Foundation. She has supported the AORN Foundation through charitable donations, her long-time involvement with the silent auction, as a party participant and most recently as a supporter of our Steps Challenge.

When individuals needed cloth masks our philanthropist used her talent for sewing to make 3,000 masks that she donated to ten various community groups, hospitals, and organizations. Masks donated to her chapter raised $7,500.

She continuously nominates others for their hard work and dedication. Several recipients of this award have been nominated by her. While nominating does not cost her anything but time, the results are powerful.  No matter how small the award is, the person is always humbled to be recognized.

As a participant in the 2021 Foundation virtual Steps and Wellness Challenge she walked every day and raised over $1,600.

Jane Flowers

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Know a nurse who loves to give to others?

Nominate an exceptional perioperative nurse who has supported the AORN Foundation. The recipient donates time, talent, and direct financial support to the AORN Foundation, as well as other well-deserving organizations. The recipient of this award demonstrates a strong philanthropic spirit, and through his or her charitable actions motivates others to give of themselves.

Nomination Application

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