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May 2022 Issue

This May issue includes a CE article on the physics of heat transfer and the thermoregulatory pathophysiology of anesthesia to appreciate the strategy of prewarming, and a CE article on safety considerations associated with using an electrosurgical unit. The Clinical Issues column explores using the AORN staffing formula, RN first assistant application prerequisites, differences between preceptors and mentors, and unique device identifier requirements.

Featured CE Articles

  1. Perioperative Prewarming: Heat Transfer and Physiology

    Prewarming is an effective strategy to prevent postinduction hypothermia from redistribution because it creates a temporary excess of heat in the body’s peripheral thermal compartment. Perioperative nurses should implement active and passive prewarming strategies in accordance with the warming devices at their facility and available time. This article focuses on two major topics necessary to understand prewarming: the effect of anesthesia on postinduction thermoregulation and thermodynamic conditions that successful treatment strategies must exploit to produce desired outcomes.

  2. Back to Basics 2.0 Electrosurgical Safety

    Electrosurgical units (ESUs) comprise a generator with an electrical cord and plug and accessories, such as a foot pedal with a cord, active electrode tips, a dispersive electrode or pad, adaptors, and connectors. Surgeons use ESUs to deliver radiofrequency energy safely to a surgical site. Adverse events related to ESUs include shocks, electromagnetic interference, fires, and burns. This article reviews general safety considerations associated with using an ESU and some specific recommendations for minimally invasive surgery.

Clinical Issues

Clinical Issues—May 2022

This month’s Q&A column addresses the following topics:
  • Using the AORN staffing formula
  • RN first assistant application prerequisites
  • Differences between preceptors and mentors
  • Unique device identifier requirements

May Journal Issue