Olivia Raymond, BSN, RN, CNOR

Nominating Committee Member

Olivia Jean Raymond, BSN, RN, CNOR, is a professional nurse III, robotic coordinator at Northern Light Mercy Hospital, Portland, Maine. She earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing from the University of New England, Biddeford, Maine.

Raymond has been a perioperative nurse for five years and a member of AORN for four years. She is a member of

  • State of Maine Chapter (2017-present) and
  • the Leadership Specialty Assembly (2020-present).

Raymond has attended Congress two times in the past 10 years, each time as a delegate.

Raymond has received

  • a Rising Star Award (2017) and
  • Employee of the Month, Northern Light Mercy Hospital, Portland, Maine (2021).

Highlights of Raymond’s service to AORN include that she is

  • a member of the Continuing Education Approval Committee (2021-present) and
  • a member of the AORN Member Mentor Program (2021-present).

She has been

  • president of State of Maine Chapter (2019-2021),
  • president-elect of State of Maine Chapter (2019), and
  • secretary of State of Maine Chapter (2018-2019).

In other leadership roles, Raymond is

  • a member of the American Nurses Association (2020-present) and
  • secretary of the Operating Room Unit-Based Council, Northern Light Mercy Hospital (2020-present).

She has been

  • a graduate of Lunder-Dineen Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program (2019),
  • a graduate of the Northern Light Professional and Organizational Development Program (2018-2019), and
  • chair of the Operating Room Unit-Based Council at Northern Light Mercy Hospital (2019-2020).

In her community, Raymond has been

  • a volunteer for Preble Street Kitchen in Portland, Maine (2020);
  • a volunteer vaccinator at COVID-19 vaccination clinic (2021);
  • a volunteer at the Portland, Maine Refugee Asylum (2019); and
  • a member of the Northern Light Mercy Hospital softball team (2021).

Election Statement

I am a young, proud member of AORN and am honored to be a candidate for the AORN Nominating Committee. Perioperative nursing is my passion and has led me to become a service lead, robotic coordinator, and relief charge nurse. Recognized by my peers and colleagues as a nurse leader, I am dedicated to my patients, team members, and professional nursing association—AORN.

Over the past three years I have had the privilege of serving my local Maine AORN chapter. As a chapter officer, I know the importance and challenge of encouraging member and nonmember engagement. Exploring new ways to connect with nurses is key to growing and maintaining our association.

Alongside Maine nurse leaders, I have educated Maine legislative representatives on clearing the air of surgical smoke. Utilizing solution-based communication and compromise while working on this project, are skills that I developed that are essential for a resourceful Nominating Committee. The primary function of the Nominating Committee is to develop a strong ballot. I am prepared to seek innovative and talented candidates for AORN’s future. I pledge to evaluate each nominees’ application for what they bring to the table as we develop the ballot. I will be a strong, accessible advocate for the candidates selected as they go through the election process.

As a candidate for the Nominating Committee, I am asking for your support. I will commit my energy to identifying and presenting the next generation of potential leaders, to you, who will ensure AORN’s continued growth.

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