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Fishing for New Employees? What Will You Use for Bait?

Publish Date: July 25, 2018

As the unemployment rate continues to decline for all workers, and in particular registered nurses, facilities must look for a competitive hiring advantage. Along with an offer of a competitive wage, an innovative benefits package will attract and help retain the best nurses.

Most health care facilities offer a ‘standard’ benefits package that includes such things as PTO, health coverage, variable shifts and 401k matching policy. With competition for nurses heating up, AORN’s Career Center is seeing more and more unique approaches to strengthen benefits including:

  • Nurse residency programs
  • Onsite childcare and preschool
  • Domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples
  • Shuttle, carpool and parking assistance
  • 24-hour security escort service
  • Wellness programs, on-site fitness programs, and gym memberships
  • Job sharing/compressed work weeks
  • Legal assistance
  • Financial planning programs
  • Adoption assistance
  • Pet insurance
  • Discounts to services and recreational activities
  • Intramural sports leagues
  • Repayment of student loans
  • Programs encouraging work/life balance

Are you considering changing your benefits package? Survey your employees and find out what they find most valuable and what they would add to a benefits “wish list.”

Clearly communicating your unique benefits in your job announcements and postings will attract potential nurses and provide an all-important competitive advantage.

Visit the AORN Career Center to find tools and resources that will help you source, recruit and retain the best perioperative nurses.