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Put on Your Own Career Oxygen Mask First

4 Ways to Make Your Next Perioperative Job Search Successful


Perioperative Nurses – repeat after me, “It’s all about me. It’s all about me. ” Now click your heels together three times and commit to improving your career health – the same way you commit to improving surgical patient care. Before you help others – take a moment to securely fasten your career oxygen mask.

Career health depends on taking in a steady stream of “career” oxygen to improve your professional life and, in turn, improve patient care. AORN has a steady supply of “career oxygen” to share with you, including:

  • Complimentary career coaching
  • Members-only preview of newly posted jobs
  • Annual salary calculator and survey
  • Webinars and educational courses, meetings and networking events, and access to exclusive groups including ORNurseLink.

At the recent Global Surgical Conference & Expo in New Orleans, dozens of members took time to “put on their oxygen masks first” by meeting with Dr. Phyllis Quinlan, RN-BC, PhD, Career Coach. In a half-hour, they felt new life pumped into their careers.

We asked them, “Would you recommend coaching services to other AORN members?” And they said:

  • Yes, definitely. Even if you aren’t sure that you want or need coaching it helped to clarify my purpose.
  • Yes, I just received information in 30 minutes that I may not have gotten in my whole career.
  • Yes, she has a good understanding of jobs related to operating room nursing and opportunities
  • Yes, Dr.Phyllis gave me great insight & hope to look into a different position. My confidence is now raised & I can identify what is important and what I can do without when job hunting.
  • Absolutely! Sometimes all you need is someone else’s experience & view of your situation to get you going on the right track.

Career coaching can breathe new life into your work, too.  In a single session, you’ll be guided through a review of your strengths, unique talents, education and skill set and learn to match those with perioperative opportunities. Career coaching can help you become more successful and satisfied in your current position or help identify the steps you need to take to be more fulfilled in an another position or facility.

Perioperative Nurses – try this again: “It’s all about me. It’s all about me.” Now schedule your 90 minutes of free career coaching session with Dr. Phyllis Quinlan and walk the walk and talk the talk….It’s all about me….keep repeating that…..

Did you know the AORN Career Center averages over 600 open nursing positions with new jobs posted daily?

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