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Plan a Boomerang Campaign to Re-Recruit Periop Nurses

Publish Date: April 25, 2018

The most successful sourcing and recruitment campaigns involve connecting, and reconnecting, with your target group of perioperative nurses by repeated outreach and communications.

Call this your “boomerang campaign.” It’s cost-effective and easy to implement.

Boomerang employees – those who’ve left your health system in good standing, are a rich source of valuable talent for your facility to lure back.  Previously satisfied and successful employees return with valuable experience that includes an understanding of your processes and policies, improved knowledge and understanding gained from their time away, as well as a renewed commitment to your organization.

Boomerang campaigns are simple – you develop, format, and create an ongoing connection with employees who’ve left in good standing.

What is the key element? Regular postal or email contact. Use communication with a conversational tone – let them know they are important and valued by your organization and would always be welcomed back.

Here’s what your Boomerang Campaign might look like:

  • After their resignation, send departing employees a note thanking them for their contributions to your team. Include a P.S.: “Great employees are always welcome at XYZ Health System. If your employment situation changes in the future, please contact us.”
  • At three and six month intervals, send follow-up notes that are simple, with compelling news if available….

    For example at three months:  XYZ Health System is proud to announce the promotion of Nancy Smith, RN, Ph.D., to Director of Nursing effective in January. Join XYZ Health System and be part of Nancy’s mission to reach a 90% patient satisfaction rating within 12 months.

    At six months: XYZ Health System is breaking ground on a new ambulatory surgery center to serve the south suburbs. We’re looking for great nurses like you to join our center.  We need and value employees like you! Contact us to see how you can make a difference in our patient’s lives.

  • Keep up the connections:Every six months or so, send a new message: “We value great employees and the door is always open to you. Come back home and make a difference at XYZ Health System. We need you!”

The boomerang campaign can be tailored to what works most efficiently for your system – as long as these issues are addressed:

  1. Regular contact with employees who’ve left “in good standing”
  2. Message/content is “door is always open for great employees to return”
  3. When it’s possible, include compelling news tailored to the periop nurse (anything of interest to an OR nurse in their practice or career such as new medical devices or equipment, new facility, and addition of new benefits)

For more assistance in sourcing and recruiting perioperative nurses, contact Susan Becia, AORN Career Center Manager. Email [email protected] or call 800-755-2676.